Survey Sciences Company

providing professional services in the field of Geodetic and Engineering Survey, Socio-Economic Survey, Town Planning, Route Location Studies, Land Registration Surveys and more... 

Why ASL?

Staying ahead in the market with current methods, concepts & practices of surveying industry, we at ASL have acquired and introduced GIS Survey Services, Satellite Imagery, 3D laser Scanning and Micro Drone Technology in house facilities  for our valued customers.

In the pages to follow, we have tried to enlighten you about the services rendered by us, brief about our clientage, past and present activities of the company and list of surveying equipments/instruments owned by the company.

Key Features

The company is thus capable enough to undertake survey projects in any part of Pakistan or internationally independently

GIS Survey Services

We strive for excellence in all we do to serve our employees, customers, and communities.

Satellite Imagery

Working the most advanced business satellite heavenly in circle, ASL put the world's sharpest pictures into your hands.

3D laser Scanning

Struggling is over with the backend because you can do everything from the frontend.

Micro Drone Technology

Delair, a leader in professional UAVs, provides aerial-imagery-based data to help industries make informed decisions

Easy to use and customize

In the OIL & Gas industry the company has rendered services to its following valued clients and has carried out various projects for them

the PUBLIC SECTOR the company has carried out survey projects for the several departments and government agencies. not only government

We aslo serve PRIVATE SECTOR the company has carried out survey projects for many consultants and organizations.